Ai ai, been a while huh?

Yup my usual header and footer are gone and there are reasons for that, I'll explain as much as I can later on in this post(I actually deprecated my old uplaod API in favor of the new stuff I'll explain)

Before anything you can enjoy your late 2016 gift here (that's kh1 original source code).

So let's get into it.
A lot have happened for me this year: university(yeah I was in high school before, are you seriously THAT surprised?), projects that I've been
working on came to a new top, I've been involved in new and other projects(hi that random guy who bruteforced you know what, I'm the sysadmin y'know
(it's SiivaGunner related. Maybe.)) I've FINALLY got the time to back up a lot of knowledge that was missing for me on electronic hacking(university gives you a 
LOT of free time, like really), and somehow my ingenery classes proved to be useful while working on a custom 3d printer(well for now that's mostly a P3Steel but I'm working
on making it more Mondrian/Fa)(a/Darwin-like (tl;dr a carthesian and modular printer)). I also was able to get me a recent enough desktop(RX 480 and i5 latest gen should be enough) 
and while the hardware is patent encumbered itself best free options are, from FSF point of view, ThinkPads, which is also the laptop I was using to this day(W500, about 10years now)
and other than beeing fairly old the hardware ISA is still non patent-free, so this is for me as viable as new hardware tbh, only options would be verifiables ASICs (check
this out, it's really worth it!!!) with RISC-V open CPUs, which are both beeing worked on independently(at the time of writing an
Arduino compatible board HiFive1 fully open with RISC-V cpu is beeing produced and lowRISC aims to make a linux-capable SoC), RISC-V beeing the only competitive enough option
to x86 and ARM in the free world. I've also caught up with my violin and keyboard which were sitting in a dark corner for way too long and got myself a studio and a new server
for this site, from ByteMark as they have an Open Source Manifesto that I felt in love with and that I'm going to use as soon as the new design of this site is up.

Yep a new design is coming.
Dunno when nor how it's going to look like, so far it's Hugo based and I'm trying to make it look clean-ish without beeing personalityless but eh, we'll see the end result.
What is to know is that this nickname was created as a joke, to mock myself of so called hackers and I fully used this side of the nickname during its premises. While pretty
enjoyable the nickname grown way much more than I expected, as did my curiosity for technology-related field(which was already present at the time I created it) and so it 
became my main nick, obliterating others.
Actually a few people know what my nickname means and I'll let them explain if they wish as I'm going to do it in a blog post.
Oh yeah the new design will ofc be a blog since it's Hugo based.
Don't worry, those pages will still be up(well maybe not DevMenu as I dunno about the legality of the process and saying in front of everyone you do illegal stuff is not always
something that can be useful) but I'll make a backup and keep the old pages.
I've let alone hacking scenes due to too much dramas but I'm still on the side of them, and helping quietly for the Switch, but I gotta say Nintendo is not hyping me much by their last
actions and ps4/xbone = cancer, it's annoying me at a point to know that Square Enix will publish for ps4 only for the following months/years(especially for Kingdom Hearts).

Either way I've written blog posts already so as soon as it's up you'll have things to read, They most likely won't be techy all the time, as I'm interested in a lot of fields
but I guess it'll be readable. Otherwise it'll give anyone who wants to stalk me some more options, which I don't understand why one would want to do that but it already happened.
SEVERAL FUCKING TIMES. So eh I guess I am interesting somehow.

Well I think I'm going to close this post as I don't have much to say and I will actually explain and clear all(yes ALL) in the first blog post I'll post so for now.
For those who cares, I'm at the UPMC at Paris, so if you wanna see me, which I would not understand at this point in time but ok, well do!

Happy christmas for those who do have one,