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So, I think you're here for learning more about this drama bullshit right...?
Welp I think I have to do it...

Lately, guys like st4rk, roxas75, etc... were being showoff by showing they had DevMenu installed their 3ds and claiming it at their own work.
As you surely already understood, IT IS NOT. They all lied to you just for getting known and having some temporary glory.
Same for the latest games decryption, someone gave to them the keyX.

They never really worked. All they had was always given by someone else, and they never had enough courage, or intelligence, for trying to think by themself for once.
As you should know, some guys were like "lol I'm laughing at this thread" but I want to say to them: "Do you know that you are at the same level than them? you were at their level, and maybe even less months before when you didn't had any work leaked on your hand."

This is what is really hate in this scene: full of stupid showoff that are absolutely doing nothing.
If you want my personal opinion, the only guys I really trust in this scene are yellows8 and neimod and, even if they are not in a good ethical position, they are the guys that made this scene go as where it is now.
Without them you would be nothing st4rk, roxas75, and all.
You were or just being showoff or releasing work as your own when it had only one 1% of real work. And this is why I hate guys like this. Lying all the time for having some glory.
As you already might understood, I don't care about glory or anything, and I just released this to move on. Because, sometimes, for go on, you have to destroy what's already there

Destruction then recreation, this is sometimes the only way to make somethings to move on.

This was all the drama shit for now, and if you really want proofs about the case of some guys, I can show you somes. Now you know the true nature of this scene.

Since st4rk don't trust me here is the first proof: right here. This is partly reversed yellows8 CFW that st4rk is claiming as his own.
You want more proofs? ok: here and here This happened a week ago or so. So after ernilos supposedly deleted the """RAT""" from his pc. aka never hacked him.

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     GGG::::::::::::G                                                                          i::::i   f::::::::::::::::f Y:::::Y       Y:::::Y
   GG:::::::::::::::G                                                                           iiii   f::::::::::::::::::fY:::::Y       Y:::::Y
  G:::::GGGGGGGG::::G                                                                                  f::::::fffffff:::::fY::::::Y     Y::::::Y
 G:::::G       GGGGGG   ooooooooooo vvvvvvv           vvvvvvvaaaaaaaaaaaaa  nnnn  nnnnnnnn    iiiiiii  f:::::f       ffffffYYY:::::Y   Y:::::YYY
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 G:::::G       G::::Go::::o     o::::o     v:::::::::v     a::::a    a:::::a  n::::n    n::::n i::::i  f:::::f                    Y:::::Y
  G:::::GGGGGGGG::::Go:::::ooooo:::::o      v:::::::v      a::::a    a:::::a  n::::n    n::::ni::::::if:::::::f                   Y:::::Y
   GG:::::::::::::::Go:::::::::::::::o       v:::::v       a:::::aaaa::::::a  n::::n    n::::ni::::::if:::::::f                YYYY:::::YYYY
     GGG::::::GGG:::G oo:::::::::::oo         v:::v         a::::::::::aa:::a n::::n    n::::ni::::::if:::::::f                Y:::::::::::Y
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