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Hey, GovanifY again, and I'm here for a pretty late christmas present, sorry but I've been quite busy lately!
First things first: This isn't really related to any 3ds/ wii u/vita/other consoles hacking, but to a PC game.

The game title is based on something I've used to watch when I was a teenager, and that I kinda surprisingly liked...
Title: Code Lyoko.

Beeing a fan of this for a loooooooooooooong time, I've used to see a lot of fangames related to this, and only 2(from the french community! o/) were actually really good.
One was a strategy game, programmed by Kikou using the mod of a game iirc, but this one is kinda forgotten.
And another one, which is kinda the star of the moment: IFSCL.

This game, programmed, designed, and animated by Immudelki have for goal to imitate the "supercalculator" of the original serie, you can view it here
So you're on this, like Jeremie, trying to control the whole mess of Code Lyoko.

What did I exactly did on it? Simple: I activated the DEBUG options, deleted all the Unity calls(aka you can run it on any flash player!) and made some other lil' mods
Enough talking, too lazy to explain the game and all, all creds to Immudelki, and please, don't share this on official french topics and all, since I do like Immudelki and don't want to screw his work, this is only useful for curious guys.

Let's get to it, here's the modified and compressed flash file: here

Also, Immudelki, realize I'm doing this b\c I do love this game and wants to make ads for it, not because I do want to screw your work!

Here's a list of non-obvious/hidden/secret/easter eggs commands w/ their description I just made(man it was long to do):
/!\ Immu's Romm password will NOT be shown, and so, I will hide some functions of this list. Sorry but prefer Immudelki to let players have the surprise!
* "debug" -> Opening debug window

* "attaquer" -> Making XANA attack tower 26

* "X"(hidden command) -> Open all windows (surely used for IFSCL no lag showcase)

* "kill" -> Kills all lyoko-warriors

* "harceler" -> Makes XANA AI harass lyoko warriors

* "unity" -> Have to do w/ Unity, useless for most of you

* "anomalie"
  "bug" -> Opening bug windows for testing purposes

* "inconscience"
  "inconscient" -> Making aelita fall unconscious

* "chuter" -> Simulate a lyoko warrior fall

* "reveil"
  "reveiller" -> Making lyoko warrior wake up if he is unconscious

* "raz" -> Restart battle from the beginning

* "skid" -> Opens custom and unfinished windows about the Skidbladnir.

* "fermer" -> Closing doors of the 5th teritorry and stopping the timer

* "clef" -> Launching 5th territorry labyrinth

* "gagner"
  "win" -> Making you win the 5th territorry labyrinth

* "debugmer" -> Useless for now

* "limites" -> Making lyoko warriors appear at the limits of the territorries

* "ulrich" -> Making ulrich appear on the 5th territorry

* "yumi" -> Making yumi appear on the 5th territorry

* "heal" -> Heal lyoko warriors

* "yumiv" -> Supposed to get Yumi guide

* "etape" -> Skipping the actual step if you're in campaign mode

* "detruire" -> It will destroy lyoko.

* "detruirec" -> It will destroy the 5th territorry

* "hopper" -> Go directly to the end of Hopper journal shit

* "decrypte" -> Making hopper journal decrypting percentage at 100%

* "adn" -> Making lyoko warriors appear to the floe, changing their ADN state, and spawning a megatank

* "7" -> Launching the marabounta

* "8" -> Launching timer and cryptosmasher

* "9" -> Making odd, aelita and ulrich to spawn on the mountain

* "monstres" -> Spawning ennemies on different territories

* "12" -> Activating Tower 0 by Jeremie

* "13" -> Activating tower 0 by Hopper

* "16" -> Disabling all inhibitors

* "17" -> Make Hopper journal to decrypt

* "gardien" -> Making spawn the guardian at aelita position or on the desert if she isn't on lyoko

* "xana" -> Make XANA react and harass lyoko warriors

* "m"
  "meduse" -> Spawning a jellyfish on aelita, ulrich, or on the 5th teritorry

* "poly"
  "polymorphe" -> Creating a clone on Ulrich and attacking it

* "killxana" -> Kill all XANA monsters

* "lyoko(rebuild)" -> Rebuilds lyoko

* "energie(skidbladnir)"
  "energy(skidbladnir)" -> Nothing, litterally

* "energie(carthage)"
  "energy(carthage)" -> Nothing, litterally

<------------------EASTER EGGS, MOSTLY TO DOCTOR WHO, NO DESCRIPTION------------------>
* "dontblink"
  "don't blink"

* "capaldi"

* "torchwood"

* "jack harkness"

* "sweetheart"

* "rassilon"

* "twelfth"

* "silencewillfall":
  "silence will fall"

* "rory"

* "pond"

* "brilliant"

* "geronimo"

* "fantastic":

* "amicool"
  "am i cool"

* "exterminate"

* "dalek"

* "tardis"

* "bigbadwolf"
  "big bad wolf"

* "kidneys"

* "rose"

* "clara"

* "oswin"

* "doctor"

* "river"
  "river song"
  "melody pond"

* "screwdriver"

* "raggedy man"

* "groscaramelmou"
  "gros caramel mou"

        GGGGGGGGGGGGG                                                                           iiii     ffffffffffffffff  YYYYYYY       YYYYYYY
     GGG::::::::::::G                                                                          i::::i   f::::::::::::::::f Y:::::Y       Y:::::Y
   GG:::::::::::::::G                                                                           iiii   f::::::::::::::::::fY:::::Y       Y:::::Y
  G:::::GGGGGGGG::::G                                                                                  f::::::fffffff:::::fY::::::Y     Y::::::Y
 G:::::G       GGGGGG   ooooooooooo vvvvvvv           vvvvvvvaaaaaaaaaaaaa  nnnn  nnnnnnnn    iiiiiii  f:::::f       ffffffYYY:::::Y   Y:::::YYY
G:::::G               oo:::::::::::oov:::::v         v:::::v a::::::::::::a n:::nn::::::::nn  i:::::i  f:::::f                Y:::::Y Y:::::Y
G:::::G              o:::::::::::::::ov:::::v       v:::::v  aaaaaaaaa:::::an::::::::::::::nn  i::::i f:::::::ffffff           Y:::::Y:::::Y
G:::::G    GGGGGGGGGGo:::::ooooo:::::o v:::::v     v:::::v            a::::ann:::::::::::::::n i::::i f::::::::::::f            Y:::::::::Y
G:::::G    G::::::::Go::::o     o::::o  v:::::v   v:::::v      aaaaaaa:::::a  n:::::nnnn:::::n i::::i f::::::::::::f             Y:::::::Y
G:::::G    GGGGG::::Go::::o     o::::o   v:::::v v:::::v     aa::::::::::::a  n::::n    n::::n i::::i f:::::::ffffff              Y:::::Y
G:::::G        G::::Go::::o     o::::o    v:::::v:::::v     a::::aaaa::::::a  n::::n    n::::n i::::i  f:::::f                    Y:::::Y
 G:::::G       G::::Go::::o     o::::o     v:::::::::v     a::::a    a:::::a  n::::n    n::::n i::::i  f:::::f                    Y:::::Y
  G:::::GGGGGGGG::::Go:::::ooooo:::::o      v:::::::v      a::::a    a:::::a  n::::n    n::::ni::::::if:::::::f                   Y:::::Y
   GG:::::::::::::::Go:::::::::::::::o       v:::::v       a:::::aaaa::::::a  n::::n    n::::ni::::::if:::::::f                YYYY:::::YYYY
     GGG::::::GGG:::G oo:::::::::::oo         v:::v         a::::::::::aa:::a n::::n    n::::ni::::::if:::::::f                Y:::::::::::Y
        GGGGGG   GGGG   ooooooooooo            vvv           aaaaaaaaaa  aaaa nnnnnn    nnnnnniiiiiiiifffffffff                YYYYYYYYYYYYY