In this page I’ll list some notable projects I have worked on.
Please note that most of those projects will be computer-related, even though it’s far from the only thing I do. These are the things I decided to work on and show off.


I make videos on Gravof Corp about technology, science and other stuff I find interesting in 30minutes videos, by trying to explain as much as my time limit allows me, to make people understand in depth what I’m talking about and be able to research by themselves the subject.

Reverse engineering

Piano Hacking

I took over my Piano(an AKAI MPK 61 MIDI keyboard) in order to demonstrate and explain how to hack embedded devices, try to explain low level EE and CS, and explain the security issues that could come out of it.
I made a talk at the 34C3 and a video about it(see blog post)

Kingdom Hearts Hacking tools

I’ve made more than a handful of tools for the series of game ‘Kingdom Hearts’. Some are public while others are still private because of laziness. Here is the base system of KH2, with original hashed names and the synthethized custom music format, as well as an image editor with a layer editor allowing for reorganization of how the in-game assets look without touching too much the game code, a mandatory 3d model importer, and even a web-based text editor!

Miscellaneous game tools

I have also worked on random games, either when a friend asked me to do so or when I was bored out of my mind, such as: those tools.

CTR Decryptor

I have worked on the first public 3DS decryptor. Although, due to internal disputes, the tool has been released severely lacking in a few regards. It still was the first implementation of a game decryptor for the Nintendo 3DS.

Translation projects

Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix

I translated the game KH2FM to French from Japanese alone, using my own series of tools mentionned on this page. It even contains a fandub for undubbed cutscenes that were lip synced.

Fire Emblem If(Fates)

I have been involved with and helped the team that translated the game Fire Emblem If (Japanese name) before it came out in Europe.


Kingdom Hearts Rebirth 2 Final Mix


This is a fangame of Kingdom Hearts set in an original universe. The game has been acclaimed critically by the Alex D’or, making it the most downloaded game of the site for weeks and weeks.
I am the director, lead programmer, and the guy-that-does-all of the project. While the game has been made first using RPG Maker XP, we hit the limitations of the engine pretty quickly and, bored of having to hack the core of the engine, I decided to move on the projects to a modified version of Godot Engine, leading to a full rewrite.

Grand Dad Mania

This project was made with some members of the group “SiivaGunner”, which has become pretty famous for its “high quality rips” of video games’ music, edited to include some inside jokes. As a joke a game was decided to be made, and Grand Dad Mania came into existence. I was the lead programmer and one core members of this project. Even though it ultimately got cancelled we still have the original source and assets and has come pretty far in a short amount of time.

Sun’s Quest


This game was made for a competition (which I won). The game revolved around a death system where you had to die to continue the adventure. The game had a basis for gameplay when we submitted it and we made a [Twitch Plays] stream in which we continued to improve the game daily for a week. The game itself was using a custom in-house engine called LuminhousE which replicated RPG Maker XP behaviour and made us able to make use of the twitter api, making the game the first RPG Maker game to tweet and be self aware of its progression and player’s thoughts on social media! We finished with several dungeons, alternate universes, stories and so on.

And of course other stuff that you could either find on my GitHub, blog posts, or elsewhere!

This Website

For those who are wondering this website is using the Hugo framework to be built tailored with an open source theme I made.
The website contains local analytics built around the open source engine Piwik that do not share any other data non-locally. If you don’t like it please disable JavaScript instead of yelling at me.
The server and sysadmin stuff are themselves a custom Web/Mail Server I built around Gentoo which are pretty tailored to my needs, I encourage you to do the same if you plan to make your own server!

PoC||GTFO 2:2, “Build your own fucking birdfeeder”