Hi there! I am a multidisciplinary researcher and professor whose main fields of interests are inbetween technology and natural sciences, with a strong background in mathematics.
Hobbies-wise I like composing music, learning all I can, and debating endlessly about utopian realities.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of things I’ve worked on:

  • ctf-re, A CTF infrastructure with unique binaries and a deterministic anti cheat. (Creator)
  • ELSA & Jugemu, a suite of tools for crash analysis and exploit generation. (Creator)
  • A GPU Debugger for the PCSX2 project. (Creator)
  • LEAVES, A memory analysis tool aimed to facilitate browser exploitation. (Creator)
  • PCSX2, The most accurate Sony PlayStation 2 emulator. (Core contributor)
  • An IPC protocol for emulators, optimized for speed and same-frame results. (Creator)
  • MADNESS, A research paper explaining how I, along with friends, fully defeated the Nintendo Switch security model. (Creator)
  • navi, A security oriented NixOS based meta distribution for infrastructures. (Creator)
  • NixOS, A Linux based operating system with a package manager using a functional language. (Package Maintainer)
  • A bunch of reverse-engineering related projects, from custom 3d formats to decompilers and disassemblers with the occasional sequenced music formats, without forgetting the mandatory translation project. (Creator)
  • PyTouhou, A libre reimplementation of the Touhou suite of softwares in Rust and Python. (Core contributor)
  • Security research under a widely deployed device, akin to the MADNESS project. (NDA)
  • Some non commercial video games for which I’ve won some awards and some mods. (Lead Developer, Director, Story and miscellaneous roles)
  • WireGuard, A modern VPN protocol. (small contributor, GSoC)
  • zut A portable library for fast factorization of \(\mathbb{Z}/2\mathbb{Z}\) polynomials using Berlekamp’s algorithm. (Creator)

On top of this, I’ve also taught the following classes as a professor:

  • Reverse engineering and binary exploitation (M1, 2019)
  • Pentest of Android applications (M1, 20{19,20})
  • Security of Wi-Fi Networks (L3, 2020)
  • Preparation to the OSCP certification (M2, 2020)
  • Advanced cryptography (M1, 20{19,20})
  • Network Forensics (M2, 2020)
  • Identity Access Management (M2, 2019)
  • Web browser and OS Kernel exploitation (M2, 2020, creator of the class)

My e-mail address is me@govanify.com.
My mastodon account is @me@govanify.com.
My matrix account is @me:govanify.com.
For sensitive communications either use Matrix or PGP-encrypted emails.
My PGP key (5214 2D39 A7CE F8FA 872B CA7F DE62 E1E2 A614 5556) is available here.

This website also contains some blogposts of varying quality. I usually am rather reserved when it comes to work so it might take a while before I get in the mood to write a new one.