Yo! I’m Gauvain Roussel-Tarbouriech, more commonly referred to as “GovanifY” and I’m currently a student in Computer Science and Mathematics at the Université Pierre et Marie-Curie at Paris.
I am a hacker (as in computer enthusiast, or as someone who reads too much phrack).
I am also self-teaching in various fields (ie chemistry, biology, electronics and, of course, CS)!
Hobbies-wise I like composing music, learning all I can, and debating endlessly about utopian realities. After all, we never know ‘til we try! (But we can have strong intuitions on what will happen.)

My e-mail address is govanify@anarchist.pw.
A “pro” alias(if you don’t like the anarchist domain) is gauvain@govanify.com.
For sensitive communications please use the PGP protocol.
My PGP key (5214 2D39 A7CE F8FA 872B CA7F DE62 E1E2 A614 5556) is available here.

I also have a twitter account.