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Piano Hacking: The Instrumentality of a Hacker

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As I explained in another blog post I started a side project to hack my Piano on my free time and oh boy do I have a lot of things to say on that… Well let’s first begin with the obvious: I made a video about the whole project, using it as an example to try to explain Hardware Hacking! Now that this has been taken care of let’s talk about it, shall we? Read More...

Switch Interlude: Dumping the sysmodules

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Intro My finals being now a mere week away and myself just getting off the CCC I had a great idea, as always! Working a bit on the Nintendo Switch. For those unaware the 34C3 happened to host a talk about the Nintendo Switch, which led to an announcement from a modchip team of a new product ,rapidly answered by one of the speakers that was at the 34C3 giving a release date for an homebrew launcher followed by yet again another reaction from another team, showing off a coldboot exploit for the Switch. Read More...

Piano Hacking: The End?

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Hey! I’m sorry that I haven’t been able to post more in this blog for the past 2 months, personal projects, exams, life and work came up, it was pretty overwhelming. Let’s talk about one of them now, shall we? Piano Hacking. I’ve spent on what I thought would be a cool one week off project some time up until I’ve proposed a talk to the CCC! Unfortunately… Yup... I got rejected. Read More...