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Piano Hacking: The End?

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Hey! I’m sorry that I haven’t been able to post more in this blog for the past 2 months, personal projects, exams, life and work came up, it was pretty overwhelming. Let’s talk about one of them now, shall we? Piano Hacking. I’ve spent on what I thought would be a cool one week off project some time up until I’ve proposed a talk to the CCC! Unfortunately… Yup... I got rejected. Read More...

RHme3 CTF Qualifications

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As it turns out, I’ve always avoided CTFs out of fear of just not being good enough to solve even the most basic problems, so when one of my friends talked me about the RHme3 CTF qualifications going on I thought, “yeah, not for me,” and just moved on. However, at 3AM the day after, when I thought while half asleep, “Oh wait, that makes easy content for my blog, jfc. Read More...

Implementation matters: PS2 weirdness and Path Two Rendering

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Everyone knows the PS2, right? Well okay, not EVERYONE, but a good majority of those who are reading this article I bet. The PlayStation 2, continued from the PlayStation and launched by Sony in… wait. I’m not wikipedia am I? Just browse there if you want the usual info. So what I’m going to talk about today is how the PS2 itself was designed and how it is used by developers with both smart and un-smart tricks. Read More...