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A look into the state machine: Ghidra loaders, analyzers and processor definition for Kingdom Hearts 2 AI

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Merry christmas everyone! It’s been a (very) busy year on my end and I’ve barely got any time for myself to post. I actually had things to talk about, like a small Nintendo Switch research paper that I published or some very specialized Z/2Z polynomial factoring code that I wrote but most of my articles just kinda went on the backburner. I have more than 10 in a draft status now! Read More...

Solving Google Foobar and hacking it along the way

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Recently I learned about the existence of what is known as Google Foobar also known as “Google secret recruiting program” or “How much bunnies can you rescue before wanting to kill someone” and being the stubborn me that I am, I decided to force my way in and try the challenges! … I didn’t expected to be able to get in but it seems I did, so I guess I’m indebted to do a writeup or something? Read More...

WireGuard and the Linux Networking Subsystem

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Before this article truly begins I’d like to explain what I’ve done in the last few months and what this article truly is about: As some of you may know, I worked on WireGuard as a part of the Google Summer of Code for the last 3 months, which basically is contract work for students, giving you a stipend while you work for an organization of your choice, in my case the Linux Foundation, in the open source world if selected. Read More...